Hi, I'm Linde. I'm someone who's spent the last decade exploring the depths of movement and mindfulness, journeying from fitness instruction to the tranquil practices of yoga and sound meditation.Through my adventures, from immersive yoga retreats to studying the ancient art of singing bowls in Nepal, I've woven together fitness, yoga, breathwork, and psychotherapy into a compassionate approach designed to help you find balance, manage stress, and awaken your true potential.

Sound Meditation

Trained in the Nepalese Himalayas, I work with sounds in different ways, both in groups and private. Sessions are focused on restoring the nervous system and slowing down brainwaves.

Group and Private Classes

My focus is on helping people reach their full potential. Whether you want to increase strength, fitness level, mobility and flexibility, are working on arm balances or are looking to down-regulate, relax and restore.

Walk 'n Talk

Walk and talk are person-centred walking counselling sessions, providing a unique approach to your unique concerns.

About Me

The past decade I have spent learning about and sharing the art of movement as a fitness instructor. On a quest of finding a more mindful approach to movement I immersed myself into the yogic traditions, including a 3-month stint at a yoga retreat where I discovered the power of sound meditation. As someone with a pattern of constantly pushing myself to my limits, it was this practice that opened the door to a newfound sense of calm, both physically and mentally. My interest in mindfulness and sound meditation took me all the way to Nepal, where I studied the ancient tradition of singing bowls in the Himalayas. Driven by a curiosity about the complexities of the human existence, I pursued studies in psychotherapy and counselling with a deep interest in connecting mind and body through somatic approaches, emotion-focused therapy, and nervous system regulation. Now, blending fitness, yoga, breathwork, sound meditation and mental health together, I specialize in an integrative approach to stress management and aim to help people regulate their nervous system and unlock their full potential.


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